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"It must be something in the water," a phrase commonly uttered when describing the abundance of exceptional talent to rise from the Motor City. Well, as for 23-year-old musician Devon “D-Rock” Whitehead, he must have been birthed in the Detroit River.


The exceedingly talented multi-instrumentalist got his start in music as toddler, when he would break the sticks off of dry cleaner hangers and use them as drum sticks.  "I can remember stories my mom would tell me, of how I would beat on the back of the pews during praise and worship and then start crying when the music ended," Devon recalls.


An alumnus of the Detroit School of Arts, D-Rock furthered his education in music at Kentucky State University, where he traveled the nation with various KSU bands and ensembles before returning to Detroit in 2010.


D-Rock, originally “just a drummer,” has spent the most recent of his young years evolving into an “everything elser" by engineering, producing, writing, singing, playing keys, guitar, bass and drums on various artists' projects.


One of those projects, "Epic Movement," is an eight-piece jazz fusion ensemble under the direction of Devon. Influenced by such acts as Snarky Puppy, Funky Knuckles, Return to Forever and others, Epic Movement creates an emotional fusion of jazz and funk with an occasional mix of soul, rock and Latin elements.


Devon's debut project "Epic Movement: ProjectONE" is a CD/DVD slated for a Fall 2014 release on Decibel Records.

AUDIO: "He Loves Me" by 100 Voices To Save 100 Souls

Drums, Producer

AUDIO: "Sway" by Epic Movement

Composer, Arranger, Drums, Producer


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EPIC MOVEMENT is an 8-piece Jazz Fusion ensemble based in Detroit, MI under the direction of Devon "D-Rock" Whitehead. Influenced by such acts as Snarky Puppy, Funky Knuckles, Return to Forever, etc., EPIC MOVEMENT creates an emotional fusion of Jazz & Funk, with an occasional mix Soul, Rock, & Latin elements. In addition to a unique sound, emotion-evoking songs with odd time signatures, this blend of incredible musicians brings a very lively performance, insane levels of positive energy......an EPIC MOVEMENT.


Recorded in front of live audience at Birmingham's RMS Sound Studios, comes the CD/DVD "Dreamer", an eclectic fusion of contemporary Jazz from a group of some of Detroit's most talented, young musicians.

The DVD, a full-length feature film, includes the entire album recording session of one-take, live studio performances, intertwined with a documentary that follows the band through the process. The film, places focus on band founder, drummer and primary composer Devon "D-Rock" Whitehead through his journey to live out his DREAM as he shares the ups and downs of assembling a cast of amazing young musicians in Detroit, to form Epic Movement and record his first album.

DREAMER, is an inspirational and motivational story with music that is sure to move your body, exercise your brain & warm your heart.


“About a year and a half ago I tracked my first jazz fusion song and I wondered if I should try to pitch it, but it was something I never acted on. But after tracking three more, I realized that I could really do something with this! And that is how Epic Movement was born”, recalls D-Rock.

AUDIO: "Blacktop" by Epic Movement

Composer, Arranger, Drums, Producer

AUDIO: "Troof" by Epic Movement

Composer, Arranger, Drums, Producer